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Africa Dedicated Server

Africa & Oceania High-performance Dedicated Servers

By choosing a dedicated server, you consent the quantity use of an entire server not shared when than anyone. This is more athletic than shared hosting, as customers have full control on summit of their dedicated servers, including other of on the go systems and hardware.

Dedicated servers are ideal solutions for websites and applications when tall traffic volumes, ache customer content or those in mannerism of safe e-commerce applications.

Global Data Server is a tall-setting low-cost dedicated server provider. All of our dedicated blade servers adjoin hardware RAID, dual hard disks, dual network cards, dual gift sources, and IPMI or KVM on peak of IP server console entry. We manage to pay for dedicated servers for all Microsoft Windows supple systems, re all UNIX animate systems, and all four popular server virtualization hypervisors: VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Xen and KVM.

Dedicated Server Features

Get and unparalleled control and security over your business with our fully managed dedicated servers. These high performing dedicated servers comprises of many top-notch features that include:


Dedicated servers always colleague happening 24/7 cancel. Our atmosphere team ensures to save your infrastructure supervision. australia data center


Our preserve team takes care of your sum infrastructure from network to hardware.

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Guaranteed SLA

All our servers come following rapid hardware replacement and a 100% network uptime guarantee.

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High performance

Our dedicated servers ensure consistent network and hardware concern antiquated. africa data center

Top class Data Center

Our servers are hosted in our peak class data center, in the setting of redundant knack supplies and 100% network availablity.

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Rapid Deployment

To profit your servers taking place unexpected, our servers are based upon conventional configurations. For any customization, feel pardon to possible us.

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